How we began​

Founded in 2004 . We started this business so it would give us the opportunity to do what we love. It started as a small headshop, we turned it into  a company and it has become a brand.  Our behavior and values have always been very different from the norm. Our industry has always believed that our businesses known as smokeshops, vapeshops, CBD stores, dispensaries  were never meant to be main-stream. We are more than a coffeeshop or CBD store...We are counterculture. We are a store carrying products for the ladies and gentlemen who enjoy living free of stereotypes.



Now our subculture is made up of artists, designers, musicians, lawyers, doctors, athletes, young and old adults. We are here to embrace all that keeps us from going insane in this crazy world. Allowing ourselves to live and think freely. To create art, to write music, to graduate from college, to ride a half pipe, catch a first wave, or just take a moment to enjoy life for what it is. SO what!!, if we are deviating from the norm of society by promoting our lifestyle and if we are deviating from the norm of our own industry by embracing change, then we must be doing something right.


Our Brand

We are here to bring you the best functional products on the planet. We are obsessed with providing you with excellent customer service. We are here to provide you with knowledgeable advice from knowledgeable staff. We are here to encourage your feedback/input so that we may continuously improve. We are here to provide you with quality products and competitive prices. We are here to evolve/adapt and understand trends and changes in the market. We are here to guarantee your satisfaction.


Grow with Us

Franchises offer a model of success with guidelines to achieve consistent growth in your business—a system of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.Lazydaze  provides owners; training, support, accountability, and all the tools and systems needed to be profitable. Over the years, franchises have proven to be more advantageous compared to independent businesses. This is because franchises supply an established system of structure and framework to follow for success. In this way, they present a “plug-and-play” start-up advantage and a long-term value proposition for franchisees.

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